Criminal Defense

Our office provides defense representation for all criminal matters throughout the Twin City metro area; we also serve many other district, county, and municipal courts throughout Minnesota. We accept cases ranging from simple misdemeanors and juvenile matters up through serious felony matters that carry a potential life sentence. We are also ready and able to assist in getting people out of jail or detox at any time, including after hours or on weekends.

Please call our office immediately when you have been charged or are being investigated for an offense. Please be prepared to tell us what your charges are and the county in which you must appear. Be sure not to talk to the police before you have consulted with an attorney.

If I am faced with a criminal charge, what can I expect as your client?

  • Reasonable fees
  • In-depth, careful analysis of evidence
  • Attentive and thorough investigation
  • Protection of their constitutional rights
  • Persistence in negotiating with prosecutors
  • Top-quality trial performance

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