Custody Evaluations

What is a custody evaluation?

A custody evaluation is a process in which a neutral evaluates both parties as parents and makes recommendations regarding custody, parenting time, and other issues related to the parties’ children. It is an in depth process, usually court ordered, where the evaluator interviews both parties, any third parties with information related to the children (day care providers, family members, mental health treatment providers, etc.), completes background checks, and reviews any documentation related to the issues.

How long does a custody evaluation process take?

The entire custody evaluation process often takes several months. At the end of the process, the evaluator will create a report that gives recommendations based on statutory best interest factors. The recommendations are not binding on the parties, but often are influential in a final hearing or trial if it becomes necessary. Because our mediation center has a goal of reducing the social and emotional cost of litigation on families, we do not handle custody evaluations where we are hired by only one party.

How much do you charge for a custody evaluation?

For the fees for our custody evaluation services, see Costs.

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