SENE (Social Early Neutral Evaluation)

SENE or CPENE (Custody and Parenting Time Early Neutral Evaluation) is a three-hour confidential evaluative process designed to provide valuable feedback in custody and parenting time matters.

The process involves three components. First, in the fact gathering phase, the parties provide information about their circumstances and explain their points of view in terms of custody and parenting time. Second, the evaluators (one male and one female) adjourn to discuss the case and compile recommendations for custody and parenting time. Third, once those recommendations are made, the parties and evaluators may participate in a brief mediation to discuss a settlement based on the recommendations made.

When parties cannot agree on custody or parenting time issues, an SENE can be a valuable tool to gain more perspective on what might happen if they continue in the court process. For that reason, an SENE often leads to settlement of custody and parenting time issues.

In order to schedule an SENE, before or after the court process has been commenced, please contact our office.

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